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About Versi Cutter

Craft room, garage, workshop, studio, business:
Versi Cutter revolutionizes how you cut everything!

Save time, get creative … make money! That’s right - simply attach Versi
Cutter to your electric, cordless or air-powered drill and you’ve got a cutting
tool so powerful yet precise you can customize a car, cut a copper pipe, craft
metal artwork, carve heavy cardboard into a school project, or quickly turn balsa wood, plastics or
metal into gifts and home décor to sell at craft shows or online!

Clean edges mean no sanding or filing. No need to spend $400
on a specialty saw! For a fraction of that price, Versi
Cutter gives you professional power to cut tough
materials like copper, brass, stainless steel,
even 20-gauge powder-coated steel.
Plus, you get an edge that’s so smooth
you can run your finger across it – no
burrs, spurs, distortions, or surface
scratches (so less rust, too)!

No sparks, no heat – Versi Cutter cuts where other tools can’t!

  • Home: Make frames, sculpture, candle holders, garden ornaments and gorgeous home décor
  • School: Whip up projects in record time – without dangerous craft knives
  • Do-it-Yourself: Handle plumbing, roofing, ductwork, fencing and other tough jobs
  • Business: Customize cars… Work on boats… Create art, crafts and gifts to sell…

Straight lines, tight turns, perfect circles – EASY!
There’s never been a cutting tool like Versi Cutter! Backed by two decades of aerospace
engineering, this compact little dynamo revolutionizes what you can do — and how fast you can
achieve professional results!

Versi Cutter pays for itself — FAST!
With our money-back offer, you can try Versi Cutter for 30 days. In that single month, you could
use Versi Cutter to turn inexpensive materials into crafts, gifts and home décor worth hundreds of
dollars. Keep Versi Cutter, and you could even start a home-based business that brings you
thousands of dollars in extra income. Plus, time is money! So think of what you’ll save since Versi
Cutter’s super clean cuts eliminate the need to file and sand burrs and rough edges.

Call 1-800-713-1156 or click here


Your Versi Cutter kit includes:

  • Versi Cutter
  • Owners Handbook
  • 2 Punches
  • 2 Allen Keys
  • BONUS Circle Cutter
  • BONUS Pattern Book
  • BONUS 2 Drill Holder

1 (800) 346-7010

OFFER DETAILS: If you're delighted with and keep your VersiCutter kit, just make 3 additional payments of $49.97. Your total for all payments is $199.98+ S&H. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the product within thirty days and your initial payment will be refunded (less S & H) and there will be no additional payments.